The First Plateau: Our Performance at The Short Attention Span Festival


Take a breather, group! We have some exciting news to share, Basecamp has been hard at work! Recently, there was a local festival put on by The 5 & Dime called The Short Attention Span Festival at The Florida Ballet. Basecamp submitted our freshman showcase called The Florida Archives Project. The intention of the Archives Project is to act as a collection of stories and experiences from our home state. The stories can come from residents, visitors, and transplants and can be about anything specific to their time here. Our piece was written by Isa Matrinez, directed by Zachary Rivera, and had a cast consisting of Kristen Oliver, Daniel Pasante, and Miranda De Armas. The piece was a combination of 3 stories submitted to the Project. The show was a hit, Basecamp got a great reaction both days of the festival and was able to make some relationships in the local theatre community. Please check out the photos from the festival on our website: click here!

The most exciting part of the experience is that the Florida Archives Project is now open to you! We ask that you join us in growing this database of personal histories so we can continue to add to and refine the Project. Your stories can be about anything (well, almost anything) that you have experienced in, around, or after leaving our home state. We want to hear about the excitement, the heartbreak, the fear, the joy that has come to you here. Please, take a few minutes to submit a piece of your personal history; there is an option to do so anonymously so write to your level of comfort. But most importantly, spread the word! One of the main goals of Basecamp is to provide a platform for the many voices that often go unheard or interrupted in our community. Help us be a more accurate reflection of our home!

Thanks for taking a moment with us to reflect on our most recent event, but it’s time to keep pushing forward! Don’t worry, I’ve got the snacks, let’s keep climbing!

PS: Click here for a link to the Florida Archives submission form!